Couch Funeral

Episode 36 - Get off My Lawn

What does it take to qualify as a gubernatorial candidate in CA?  Is solar power really worth it?  Does Biden remember giving his state of the union address?  Find out as we deep dive all this and more in this Episode!

Episode 35 - Indian Food

Is the new president more truthful than the last one? Will president Biden and Co-president Harris save us from a climate disaster? Are there enough rich people in this country to tax the hell out of to right all of America's wrongs?  Find out in this episode!

Episode 34 - The Flying Wasp

Could Oreo cookies quite possibly be the best cereal?  What is the right number of Supreme Court justices?  When will the gun violence in this country end?  All this and more! 

Episode 33 - Grocery Clerks and Serial Killers

The Amazon union deal doesn't pass for now, the infrastructure bill, voter suppression and of course...more cancel culture.  

Episode 32 - Guest: Jeremiah Ukponrefe

Our guest on this episode is Jeremiah Ukponrefe.  He is a comedian and writer and all around funny Canadian.  His new book Hive has just been released.  If you're into post apocalyptic Sci-Fi check it out! 

Episode 31 - Mexican Coke

Is it better to pay for more choices on TV, what is the right blood oxygen level, and which is better, Coke or Pepsi?  Trust, Anti-Trust and more! 

Episode 30 - Guest: Joshua Toms

Joshua Toms is our guest on this episode of the Couch Funeral Podcast.  Joshua was born in Ohio and was a Marxist in his youth before moving to China.  He found his way back to the US and is now a practicing Toaist and Priest.  In this episode Joshua gives us his perspective of the political climate in the US and how the media contributes to the ever changing narrative.  

Episode 29 - New York, New York

What do Tsunami's and goats have in common, how may accusers is Gov. Cuomo up to now, and what is going on with the Pope and the Catholic Church?  All this and more with the spirit of Aloha!

Episode 28 - Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Death

Where has Joe Biden been hiding, should prisoners get covid relief checks, should drugs be legalized, and is Texas doing the right thing by removing the mask mandate?  All this and more, let freedom ring. 

Episode 27 - Equal Application of Outrage

Is life in the US better with Biden in office after a month? Should America continue to be the world's police? When should rock stars die?  We cover it all and more in this episode. 

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